120m Wind Map Portal

The 120m wind portal gives an updated overview of the wind climatological conditions of India based on numerical meso-micro coupled model data set. The information provided here are expected to serve as the basis for preliminary site assessment during the prospecting phase of wind project developments in the country. Further, the information will be useful for all stakeholders of the sector including the policy makers, private players, government agencies in their efforts towards achieving the country’s RE goals.

The basic functions of the portal are briefed below for the easy access;

Wind Data for a Point:

  • Select the required location either by;
    • Double clicking on the map directly
    • Entering the Latitude & Longitude of the location and clicking the submit button.
  • Once you enter the point / click the required location, the following information will appear will appear on the left side of the dashboard;
    • Latitude of the nearest grid point
    • Longitude of the nearest grid point
    • Wind speed (m/s)
    • Weibull A (m/s)
    • Weibull k
    • Air Density (kg/m3)
    • Wind Power Density (W/sq. m)
    • P50 Annual Generation (GWh)
    • P50 CUF (%)

Wind Data for an Area:

  • In order to get area-wise estimations, user can draw the required shape viz. Polygon, or Rectangle using icons appearing on the right top side of map and draw their region of interest on the map.
  • On completion of the polygon, the %CUF wise area and installable MW details for the selected boundary region will be displayed as a table in the left side of the dashboard. Furthermore, a graph represents the % windiest area within the region of interest will be displayed for better understanding.

Map View:

  • The background layer icon enables you to view the map on varying backgrounds namely Open Street, Dark view, Newspaper, Normal and Terrain view.